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Discover Venice admiring what its craftsmen create every day.

You will see before your very eyes their skilled hands and their refined tools for carving wood or for giving shape to gold, manipulating papier-mâché or even turning hot liquid glass into a solid master piece. You will share with your beloved ones these precious moments that will enrich your visit and help you to get to know Venice off the beaten track. You will find out  an ancient weaving workshop with historic explanations on Venetian ancient weaving and access to the lab to see the velvet production. Then, you will get to know the craftman called “remer”, who transforms a tree trunk into a ‘forcola’, a characteristic element of the venetian gondola. Finally, the “Perler”, the antique art of doing glass beads in Venice, will lead you through the unique trip that developing elements of glass starting to taming the glass with a controlled flame.