Mettosantin – Prosecco Valdobbiabene DOCG

Drink DOCG for your holiday in Venice!

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Named after his grandfather, the young Giacomo Bergamin is the future of Venetian wine tradition, and is soon to be a force to be reckoned with in his native Valdobbiadene. After travelling the path of an oenologist out of pure passion, Giacomo decided to create his own brand. His family was given, according to ancient Venetian tradition, the nickname Santin, while Metto is a diminuative version of the winemaker’s first name. In order to remind him of both his family and grandfather, “Jack” elected to call his winery “Mettosantin”.

Bergamin inherited his grandfather’s determination, passion for the land and the will to offer to all customers top quality wine. Their work in the vineyard is focused, where a natural system which limits human interference reigns supreme. Field work is done by hand with precision and care, while all fertilizers and plant health products used throughout the process are certified organic. Beyond the technical and quality edge Mettosantin’s sleek bottles perpetuate, there is a real sense of preserving tradition which is accompanies the family’s story.